Policies and Pricing

Access at NBC

Visitors to the archive must pre book with the Collections Office as outlined in the Contacts & Visits section.

Proof of identity is required. Advance ordering of documents is also encouraged. If the items requested are unnumbered or very large, access will be at the discretion of the Collections Officer and will depend on how well access can be supervised.


In order to protect the collections, all visitors must observe our security measures at all times

Handling Policy

All researchers must adhere to our handling guidelines which will be explained. Staff are available to offer advice on handling materials including the use of book supports, cushions, weights and other equipment. All staff are trained in the correct handling of documents as a central part of conserving the collections for use by others now and in the

future. In order to protect originals surrogate sources of documents will be issued, where available, on microfilm, microfiche or as digitised images.

Use of Archive Material

Data may be used for personal use but it may not in any way of trade or otherwise, be lent, sold or re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the prior consent of the NBC Collections Officer. Charges are levied for use of archive services and products as detailed in the Fees & Charges section below.

The online archive is intended to be used for personal research only, and should not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the Collections Officer and on payment of applicable fees

No content, catalogue search results, records data either in website form or deconstructed into any other form may be used for any trade, commercial purposes, lent or re-sold without prior consent of the NBC Collections Officer.

Using Images e.g. in publications, websites

If you want to use an image for another purpose you must request permission from the Collections Officer

Fees, charges and payments for personal use

Charges are made for the use of Archive Services such as photocopying, image creation, printing and details are available from the Collections Officer.


Donations may also be made in support of the Archive running costs including materials for conservation.

Restricted Access Guidelines

National Brewery Centre Archives is obliged to meet the requirements of all current legislation concerning access to information, including the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act. Access to information in the Archives is provided in accordance with this legislation and related guidance issued by the Collections Officer, National Brewery Centre Archives and other appropriate authorities.

National Brewery Centre Archives is also obliged to honour any agreements made with owners of records applying restrictions on access to their records.

With due regard to these obligations, National Brewery Centre Archives will endeavour to provide access to information as far as is possible.

Where possible, we have indicated in our catalogues that restrictions may apply but this is not always the case. As a general guide, any records which contain information about individuals who may still be alive (assuming a life span of 100 years) are likely to be restricted. In addition, any records containing particularly sensitive personal information may be subject to restrictions beyond the life span of the individual. It is advisable to enquire in advance if you are in any doubt about whether restrictions are likely to be applicable.

Requests to view records which contain personal data and in particular sensitive personal data should be made in writing. Requests for access to an applicant’s own personal data also needs to be made in writing and will be dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act. National Brewery Centre Archives is not under any obligation to provide access to restricted information without prior permission having been obtained.

Where we are unable to give access to the original documents, it may be possible for specific information to be extracted and provided through our paid research service.

Requests to remove information from public access on grounds of breach of data protection legislation or similar should be made in writing. Such requests will be given due consideration and the correspondent informed of any actions taken or decisions made as a result.

If you would like further guidance on this policy or how it applies to particular records then please contact the Collections Officer.


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